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Millions of GPS devices are sold each year. These devices, in addition to their pre-installed Points of Interest (POI), allow you to install custom POIs. All devices have this capability!!

Kosher Restaurants GPS now allows you to subscribe for only $18 to a database containing over 1,000 kosher restaurants. Additionally, there is a database containing almost 3,000 Orthodox minyanim, a list of mikvah's, and Tefillos Haderech for your GPS device.

Note that with your 1 year subscribtion on GPS devices, you will receive free monthly updates. Our iPhone & Android Apps are FREE of charge.

This database has been compiled with a list of kosher places to eat all over the country. These establishments have strict kosher supervision for those individuals that adhere to a strict code of Kashrut.

We also have compiled a list of Orthodox locations to go Daven for free and a new feature on this website to search all the databases including mikvahs.

DISCLAIMER:It is up to the consumer to verify the information by requesting to see a copy of the kashrut certification . Kashrut may change or certain private kashrut may not be acceptable to you so please verify before eating at an establishment. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the information submitted to the database.

Files are to be used "ONLY" for your personal use and can not be posted to other Internet sites and cannot be shared with others.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS RESTRICTION.

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