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Need to find a
Glatt kosher restaurant, Orthodox minyan or mikvah
while on the road and don’t have a GPS or computer???


Search for the information by text messaging us and get the reply on your cell phone.


Simply send a text message with the zipcode of the area your interested in to the email address that you want information about.
For example text message 11367 to and you will receive a response with the name, address and phone number of up to10 minyanim in that area. Be prepared that you could get anywhere from 1 - 5 messages depending on the area your texting about.

For easy access add these 3 text addresses to your contacts in your phone.



Remember: You must be a subscriber to take advantage of this service.


While the service is free with your subscription, you may incur charges from your cell phone service provider for incoming and outgoing messages.
Check with your service provider for details or review your text messaging plan.