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Question 1: How do I know if I can install the databases on my device?

Answer 1: Almost all devices now allow you to install custom POI's. Check with manufacturer or read the instructions that came with your unit to confirm.


Question 2: How do I install the databases?

Answer 2: Each device is different. Garmin is the easiest but all devices have a POI LOADER to install custom POI's. You must read the instructions or contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions.Subscribe, log in then go to download page, download garmin (2) files do not open just save (if you open the file it may change the format of the file and then will not install correctly) to a directory on your PC (preferably a directory youll use just for custom POI's) Then connect your GPS to your PC and start the POI LOADER click on directory where you stored the files, click install. Should say you succesfully installed. Then you have it in the gps device but it's usually under a differnet area called either "LOCATIONs" or "EXTRAS". It will not be under the normal list of points of interest that came with your device. Some additional information is already on this website to help guide you through the process.


Question 3: After I use the POI LOADER and it say's that I successfully installed the data I can't find the information on my device?

Answer 3: The data will probably be in a section of your GPS called EXTRAS or CUSTOM POI. However, each device is different so you may have to look around a little until you find the location where it was saved. The data is not stored under the normal POI's that came with your unit..


Question 4: When I use the databases sometimes it doesn't get me to the exact location, why?

Answer 4: The coordinates may be slightly off. Even normal use of your GPS device will not be exact. Please email me if any location is off by 3 blocks and I will try and adjust them.


Question 5: How often are the databases updated?

Answer 5: The Restaurants are updated monthly because there are changes all the time. Minyanim are added and change less frequently and the Mikvahs almost don't change at all. You will be notified via email when the changes are uploaded to the website and APP.


Question 6: Can I use the data for more than 1 GPS device?

Answer 6: Each subscription is for 1 device. When you subscribe and reach the paypal page you can change the 1 to any number depending on how many devices you have.


Question 7: Can I buy a subscription as a gift for someone else?

Answer 7: Yes, but you must fill out the subscription page with the giftee's name, address and most importantly their email address and cell number so that the giftee will receive the monthly updates.

Question 8: It says that I successfully installed 1000 points of interest but when I look on my device I only see 50, why?

Answer 8: You'll only see a maximum of 50 in the area you are in at that pont in time. When you drive to another location the list of places will change to indicate what places are closest to your present location.

Question 9: I'm having trouble logging in or after I log-in and go to another page I am logged out?

Answer 9: You must have cookies enabled on your computer.